All you want is for your IT to work properly. It sounds simple, but not if you have to recruit an entire department to make sure it does.

We’re the IT department without the hassle – or the overhead. We keep your IT systems working by solving problems on a monthly fixed-fee basis, with a structured approach to prevent them arising in the first place.

We call this Managed Computing, and it means that we:

  • Auditand regularly Reviewyour IT systems
  • Designthe best tools for the job
  • Buildso that downtime is avoided
  • Monitorto catch problems early
  • Maintainto keep everything healthy
  • Provide a Helpdeskto fix things fast – and feed back into Design

Depending on what you need, our role adapts:

  • If you outsource your whole IT requirement to us, we act as your virtual IT director, planning ahead to avoid extra costs and downtime
  • Alternatively, if you have an in-house IT team, we can provide the specialist consultancyto complement your people’s expertiseAs your dedicated IT account managerwe learn your business inside out and give you direct access to our Support team. At the same time, as your IT procurement managerwe expertly manage your IT purchasing, including a very flexible returns policy and a same-day supply of essential items.